Past Raffle Winners 

Past Winners 

Welcome to the world our first Raffle Nerd! James took part in our Halloween Giveaway event. As you can see he was lost for words! Grab a ticket for one of our raffles and follow our Facebook page for news and updates. 
Well done to Peter on his win! The winners list is growing and you could join it. Peter walked away with loads of Black Series goodies. Not only that but a graded comic book and a copy of Rebellion the board game. A great little bundle. Get involved, join our Facebook and Instragram followers for the latest competitions. 
Congratulations to Ben! Another happy winner. Ben received an Age of Sigmar Dominion box and a beast skewer killbow. We can't wait to see how he gets on painting these. Don't forget if you're one of our lucky winners, we want to see you enjoy your prizes. Tag us in on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks to all of our supporters. Spread the word so we can keep bringing you great opportunities. 
We've got another winner! Introducting Ben. He swooped in and won our amazing XBox bundle. He took home a brand new Series X console as well as two games and a charging station. Well done to him and thanks to everyone who entered. Keep playing and it could be you next! 
Congratulations to Oliver who took home a Warhammer:40K Black Templars Army Set. He also won an Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister. These are some great figures. For all of you Warhammer fans, keep your eyes peeled for more amazing competitions.  
A movie based competition this time. Adam won this amazing Back to the Future 35th Anniversary Bundle. Packed full of goodies with your favourite characters and limited edition items this was a great competition to please the movie buffs. Well done Adam. Keep your eyes peeled for more great competitions.  
Congratulations to Cameron who won our big Pokemon bundle. He took home loads of amazing goodies. We hope he has a great time opening them. Keep an eye on our site for more amazing prizes.  
Here's Mat! He won our Pokemon Celebrations competition. With super low entry prices he won some great boxes and we hope he got some great pulls. Our competitions don't extend so get your tickets while you can. Don't miss out on your chance to win.  
One for all of the board game fans! Lewis took home this great board game bundle. With two fan favourites, Everdell and Arnak we're sure he's going to have a great time playing these. At Raffle Nerd we love board games and we'll be bringing you more of the stuff you love. For your chance to win great prizes at a fraction of the prize visit our competitions page. 
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